Who is Isabel de Los Rios

There are any number of dieting fads, trends, and schemes available on the market that make claims they are unable to fulfill. Because of this, those in desperate need of assistance losing weight and becoming healthy are skeptical of practically all diet programs. These individuals often do not know where to turn or who to trust. If this scenario is all too familiar, it is time to meet Isabel de Los Rios. Isabel is the author of the Diet Solution Program, and her personal health struggle is one with which thousands can relate.

Isabel can personally relate to those individuals with a predisposition for serious health complications. She struggled with obesity as a teenager, and she had a family history of type 2 diabetes. These factors, among others, motivated her to get healthy for life. As a teenager she began to study nutrition, and she continued her study of nutrition and health during her college years. Isabel attended Rutgers University in New Jersey and earned a degree is exercise physiology. In addition, she is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has offered counsel to a wide range of individuals.

Whether a cancer survivor, an individual suffering from diabetes or heart disease, or someone who simply wishes to get healthy, Isabel de Los Rios can help.More than 25,000 individuals have used the Diet Solution Program, and it is one of the best selling online health products on the market. The secret to this program’s success is Isabel’s unique approach to nutrition. Many who had given up on dieting have been able to attain the health and ideal weight they desired using this innovative program. Along with authoring the Diet Solution Program, Isabel also operates her own fitness center: New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition. Isabel feels that knowledge is vital to health and wellness, and that is why she works diligently to educate her clients through seminars, online articles, and the media.

For those that have lost hope regarding weight loss or achieving good health, Isabel de Los Rios can help. Her diet program focuses on fat loss nutrition and helps individuals become healthy and energetic. Isabel’s program is ideal for those wishing to either regain or maintain their health. Isabel is so certain of her diet program she offers a 100 percent money back guarantee. With thousands of satisfied customers attesting to the program’s effectiveness and a money back guarantee, there is no reason to delay getting healthy any longer. It is Isabel’s desire to help everyone who wants to get healthy attain their goal.